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Engage Subwoofers

  • Mutant Engage Subwoofer

The Engage range of subwoofers are made from heavy stamped steel baskets and one-piece custom-tooled cones, and will work just as well in either ported or sealed enclosures.

The Engage Subwoofers have been detailed in Stunning Rose Gold and Black giving a classy look, but don't let that fool you....underneath that pretty exterior lies and abundance of bass and features you'd expect on an audio kit double the price!


One-Piece Injection Molded Polypropylene Cone with High-Roll Foam Surrounds:
Allows linear movement of the cone over the full excursion.

Heavy Gauge Stamped Steel Basket:
Provides a solid platform for the motor assembly ensuring perfect alignment every time.

4 Layer 2” Aluminium Voice Coils:
Superb thermal capacity allows higher power handling for longer periods of time.

Nickel-Plated Sprung Connection Terminals:
Allows easy fitment of large gauge wire to minimize power loss.

Vented Back Plate with Extended Pole Piece:
Allows for increased subwoofer excursion whilst also cooling the voice coil and releasing pressure, keeping cone movement linear.

Silver Large Gauge Woven Lead Wire:
Minimizes power loss to the voice coil, and also reduces the possibility of lead wire detachment.

Full Specification

Size 10" 102"
Cone IMPP One-Piece Cone w/High-Roll Foam Surround IMPP One-Piece Cone w/High-Roll Foam Surround
Magnet 40oz 40oz
Voice Coil 2" Aluminium 2" Aluminium
RMS Power 200W 250W
Max Power 400W 500W
Peak Power 800W 1000W
Frequency Response 36-2500Hz 32-2000Hz
Sensitivity 85dB 88dB
Impedance 4 ohm 4 ohm
Mounting Depth 116mm 124mm