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Source Units

Mutant Source Units or Head units are the ideal generals to your Mutant army. With features such as iPod input, auxiliary input, high power built in amplifiers and USB input. Possessing all the qualities required to give your amps the cleanest signal for the highest quality sound reproduction.
  • NEW - Mutant MT5068DAB - DAB Headunit

    Introducing the first DAB Headunit from Mutant. Tune into all your favourite digital radio stations for a higher quality listening experience. The USB and SD card slots that are included as standard together with the high power output make this new DAB a great product.
  • NEW - Mutant MT8301MP3 CD/MP3 Headunit

    This new CD/MP3 Headunit from Mutant has CD/MP3 comptability, an AM/FM RDS Radio with 30 Presets and comes complete with USB/SD and MMC card slots as standard

  • NEW - Mutant MT7609BT Bluetooth Headunit

    Listen to all your favourite tracks from any A2DP device with the in-built bluetooth functionality and make handsfree calls even if your phone is out of reach with the handy dial pad on the front display. This sleek new Bluetooth headunit also comes with a large transfer facility (16GB), Detachable Panel and Carry Case.

  • Mutant MT2300BT Bluetooth & MP3 Player

    MP3, CD and WMA compatibility and Bluetooth handsfree functionality make this headunit a feature packed product. The MT2300BT has a USB, SD and MMC Inputs and come come complete with a Flip Down, Detachable panel and 4 x 50 Watt Max Power output.

  • Mutant MT2108

    Mutant MT2108 CD & MP3 Player

    The MT2108 has a 30 Preset RDS AM/FM Radio and is compatible with CD, CD-R and RW and MP3 formats. It comes with a fold down detachable panel that features a Blue illuminated Dot Matrix Display. It has a brushed Ali Finis has comes with a remote control.

  • Mutant MT2801MP3 CD & MP3 Player

    This MT2801MP3 CD & MP3 Player comes with a 30 Preset AM/FM Radio with 30 Preset Memory and has 4 x 40 Watt Max Power. The MT2801MP3 also has a detachable front panel, Line In & Out and is fitted with ISO connectors for easy installation.

  • MT7635USBi CD & MP3 Player with iPod Control

    Expand your listening experience with the optional iPod functionality (requires PC7-HU) and USB/SD and MMC Inputs as standard together with the 4 x 50 watt power the unit possesses. The MT7635USBi also has 30 Presets for all your favourite radio stations as well as a bright and easy-to-view display and detachable Front Panel

  • Mutant MT6201 DVD Headunit

    A great looking DVD Touch Screen Headunit with a 3" TFT/LCD Display, USB, SD and MMC slots. The MT6201DVD is DVD, CD, MPEG4 and WMA compatible and has a max power of 4 x 40 watts and comes with Front Line In, Four-Way Equaliser and Remote Control.

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